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Based on 31 reviews

GT2 plates are outstanding and I highly recommend them. Couldn’t have asked for better Cutomer service Mason knows his stuff. Super fast shipping

Old timer 50+

10 years of continuous use of plates, followed by 20 years of off and on. If you know the side effects of continuous use, then GT2’s will take all that away with the added bonus of up level protection and lower fatigue factors. No more switching between plates and a chest rig when you can do it all in one kit slick or full.

Major Difference

Once put on, it felt like I was not wearing standard issued plates like in the military. Very light and perfectly enclosed around my body.

Love it

Exactly what I thought it would be.
Fits right comfortable and allows plenty of movement.

worth it, pull the trigger

I've got PA plates on all four sides, in the long run your back and neck will thank you. Its pricey, but worth it.

Do not buy

Never received my order of Duritium GT2 plates.
Had to call my credit card company and dispute the charge for 1500$
Got phone call from some boss of this company who said they will fix it but never had call after that.
If you want to wait your plates for over 69 days and never get them - this company doing great business by doing that

Light and fits well

High quality plates, expensive but worth every penny for coverage and weight. Would definitely recommend these for serious buyers. Shipping was extremely fast, order to door within 3 days.

ShotStop Duritium IV+HS
Kevin Stallings
Shotstop lvl4 HS

Plates were very light. I used the credit by affirm, it was quick and simple. Paid em off in one payment with no additional fees. Very fast delivery. Will def order the gt2s next. Fit right in my crye jpc

Got what I wanted few gripes

All in all, this PC is pretty nice, lightweight and compact, but some gripes I have with it Is that the adjustment of the straps is kind odd/difficult to do, and that the shoulder straps are a little to “cheap” in that it is uncomfortable to wear with weight because it has little to no padding.


Good for long wearing. But seller shiped a III level of big plates instead a III+. I didn’t see it. So, now it's in Ukraine. The size is good and plates are very light.

The BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield - Stops AR-15s and Ak-47s
Excellent Shield

Great product with excellent quality. It makes you self-assured knowing that it will work as intended.

Awesome Service & Product

The most amazing thing is that the sales rep took time to help educate me on what I really needed. He asked about what my goals were, realistic situations, and made reccomendations based of of that. This company takes the time, even in this crazy world, to make sure you as the customer feel comfortable and confident about your purchase. The products arrived within 2 weeks, which again is amazing with the world we are in, and even after the product arrived they checked in to make sure everything was good. I have purchased multiple sets of armor from this company and plan to do it in the future!

Great Flashlight! Love it

Absolutely fell in love with the E9, great for training at night!

Duritium IV+HA Side Plate
Thomas Lippert
Love this product!

Short of taking a bullet, I’m not sure how you can really evaluate this product fully. I will say that the weight is considerably less than similar products considered. Excellent order-ship times!!
Thanks Team!

ShotStop Duritium IV+HA
Owner 4T Services

This is simply the best plates on the market (in my opinion). First reason is the lifespan of the plates and second reason is the weight of the plates. I hope I never take one to the chest when wearing one of these plates, but if I do, I have complete faith I will survive. Thanks Shot Stop for building such a good product.

ShotStop Duritium IV+HA
Kyle P.
Great Buying Experience - Level IV+HAs

These plates are shockingly lightweight for level IV's and the multi-curve shape should make them about as comfortable as plates can be. On top of this, ShotStop and Protector Capital have fantastic customer service. I was already convinced of ShotStop's quality based on my research, but I was really won over when I talked with sales reps at both ShotStop and Protector Capital. Both were incredibly responsive and helpful. I think these are easily the best quality Level IV plates when you factor in the extended warranty compared to most other options and the clear quality and weight advantages.

Thanks for your honest feedback!

Great First Buy

Working overnight security may have it's dangers, but this product certainly gives me peace of mind. It fits and feels great. There is nothing to complain about either the ordering or shipping process. I look forward to ordering other products in the future.

Thank you for your Review, Noe! Glad to hear you have complete peace of mind. That's our mission. Be Safe!

ShotStop Duritium III ICW
Law enforcement purchase
Light weight

Easy purchase. Light weight plates, especially compared to steel. Far more comfortable for extended wearing. Great customer service.

ShotStop Duritium GT2
Chase Francis
Joe Already Knows How Much I LOVE This Plate Set!

Have been raving about the quality and fit for two weeks now! There are no better plates available at this moment in time. Fact. It’s the pinnacle of z

ShotStop Duritium GT2
Michael Bradley
Best on the market

My new Shotstop GT2’s are amazing, very thin and light. Nobody in the armor market has a better product. Definitely happy with my purchase from Protector Capital.

Best stand alone plates on the market. Great service from the manufacturer and dealers. 100% recommended

ICW with soft armor

I bought this plate and a BulletSafe Soft Bulletproof Vest and let me tell you, I love them! I was used to heavy, sensitive ceramic plates that I constantly lived in fear of cracking them. Best customer service! I recommend this 100%

Night Shift Nurse

I bought these plates because I work late at night in a bad neighborhood. Others have been robbed at gunpoint and even shot at. I reached out to Protector Capital and they called me back within 3 hours! I have reached out to other places and haven't received a call that fast. Anyways, they asked questions to determine which plate would work best for me and they said this one would work.

I was amazed at how light these body armor plates are. Being a woman and not tactically inclined, I find these extremely comfortable to wear when I have my walk every night to the hospital. I conceal it wearing a hoodie or a jacket and it works great! Definitely recommend!

Perfect size, discreet.

This is my first buy from here. The service was unbelievable. I had some setbacks at first, but service was so unbelievably honest in an believably dishonest world. They gave the suggestion for the smaller size for the perfect fit. Just trust me & listen to them.


Great plates. I researched plates and these plates are well worth every penny. They are the best on the market. The sales team and everyone I have spoken to made this the easiest transaction and well worth the effort. Outstanding customer service. Outstanding plates and great and easy to work with people.