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Protector Capital is dedicated to provide all the facts to make your buying decision easier. Please contact us if you do not find your answer to your question below.

Do you offer discounts to first responders or military?

Yes. Email us a JPG or PNG of your Department Issued Credentials to

Do you offer discounts to regular civilians?

Yes, contact to start the dialogue. 

Is it legal for civilians to buy body armor?

Anyone can purchase bulletproof protection…unless you’re a convicted felon. In that case it is illegal for you to possess body armor of any kind. You should also know that if you commit a crime while wearing body armor, the penalties will be stiffer.

How do I know if my body armor fits correctly?

Check out this article from for some great tips on making sure your body armor fits correctly.

What type of body armor will I need in the event of a rifle threat?

Check out this article called “Does Your Body Armor Have Enough Stopping Power?

How do I clean my body armor panels?

Your ShotStop body armor plates should be washed with a damp towel and then set out to dry before placing back into a carrier or vest.

What are ShotStop plates made of?

All of ShotStop's plates are made of Duritium®, a portfolio of patented, patents pending and proprietary technologies that enables ShotStop® advanced armor solutions to defeat ballistic, blast, spike and edge threats far more efficiently and effectively than all other comparative technologies and systems. ShotStop Duritium® technology enables high-powered rifle protection that is up to 45 percent thinner and up to 200 percent lighter than other body armor plates at same protection level on the global market today. 

Are ShotStop’s Duritium® rifle plates just ceramic and poly — similar all the other newer plates?

From an extremely high viewpoint, this question is legit. Indeed our rifle plates are ‘just poly and ceramic.’ That’s the 100,000 foot view.

But, when you zoom in to any degree at all, you’ll quickly start to notice many differences between ballistic solutions.  When people in the industry say ‘ceramic’, that is just a broad brush stroke that can included (literally) millions of combinations, densities and formulas which may or may not include silicon carbide, alumina oxide, tungsten carbide (and many many other options) which are vulcanized (through processes usually highly protected via intellectual property or trade secret) into the strike face that many then just throw into the ‘ceramic’ bucket.

Regarding the Duritium® poly, exactly the same explanation. Yep – it’s just plastic (broad stroke comment).  But when we get into the long strands molecular chains and how it differs from other UHMWPE available on the market, the differences are not small.  In addition to that, the vulcanization of the poly sheets is a very complex process – including our patented computer navigated layering of the poly sheets before vulcanization which enables ShotStop’s plates to have that unusual multi-hit integrity. We are fortunate to have a development team in this space since 1984 and being located in the greater Akron, Ohio area lends itself to a large and relevant brain-trust being the global polymers capitol for more than 100 years.

Duritium® is a portfolio or molecularly complex formulas and methods of vulcanization that gives us unique and protected advantages when all prime variables (weight, thickness, price, warranty) are considered.  Navigating the math of dispersing the kinetic energy of a bullet is extremely challenging and deeply science based. High level statements like ‘just another ceramic and poly plate’ is true at a very high level, but certainly not the full truth/story.

Those other armor companies mentioned are respectable armor makers. From a molecular management standpoint, we (ShotStop / Duritium®) are on a different path from them.