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Protector Capital Mission

One-stop shop for premium protective gear

To Prepare and Protect

Ultimately, at Protector Capital, we want to prepare you to be prepared - to take back your power and feel confident in your ability to protect you.

About Protector Capital

Protector Capital empowers individuals and organizations to protect themselves and others from harm through top-quality, field-tested safety products and services with our protective gear. 

Whether you aim to protect your body, building, or identity - we're proud to be your one-stop shop for premium protective gear. We service your needs as if our own lives depend on it, recommending only those protection products that have passed our team's rigorous testing for high-stakes application. 

Protector Capital Pillars of Operation

Unlike generic market dealers, we specialize in providing THICK protection:

  • Transparent - With potential lives on the line, honesty and integrity are at the heart of what we do. You can count on us to be transparent about what goes into our portfolio of ballistic products—spanning where and how they’re made to how they perform in the field under various conditions.
  • High Quality - We stand firmly behind our products because we only carry those that have passed a high degree of scrutiny. We utilize a trusted network of expert partners spanning police, FBI, military, and more for field testing and review. Then only stock the highest quality armory products to ensure trustworthy performance.
  • Innovative - While we carry the market’s top selection of protective gear, sometimes consumers’ needs are unique and require unique solutions. If we’re not confident in a best-fit recommendation from our existing portfolio, we can work with our partners to customize a protective solution for you.
  • Compassionate - Your safety is absolutely invaluable to our team. Having faced vulnerable situations ourselves, we are passionate about empowering others to feel protected. We don’t sell protective solutions that you don’t need or that we wouldn’t be willing to use ourselves. Period.
  • Knowledgeable - Backed by experts in the protective field, our customer service team is unmatched in the ballistics industry. We provide exceptional service well beyond the sale, ensuring you feel confident using the safety solutions provided and that they perform to your high expectations.

Fun Fact: We have helped provide life-saving ballistic solutions to over 150+ Police and Fire Departments.