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Save $$$ on Armor, Contact Us Today
Save $$$ on Armor, Contact us today

About Us

Protector Capital Body Armor Plate Carriers Tactical Gear ShotStop Ballistics Bulletsafe

Our mission at Protector Capital is to provide quality protection solutions with unparalleled devotion to the customer experience, allowing peace of mind and one-hundred percent focus-driven courage.

“How can we help those that serve the United States so willingly? How can we help the private citizen?"

That was the question that started Protector Capital. There was a need to source tactical protection gear with unparalleled devotion to the customer experience. That's long for saying: We listen to your needs.

We are located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. We are a family-run, small business, protecting customers all over the United States ranging from Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, EMS First Responders, Security Guards, Private Security, Military Operations and Citizens!

Our portfolio caters to the beginner who is just learning the basics all the way to the professional who wears tactical gear everyday. We have gear for every price budget. We want to provide you with the most accurate information to allow you to make a smart buying decision. We welcome questions!

Our solutions don't just stop at the operator level; we have the ability to protect those who are most vulnerable in schools, churches, banks, vehicles, and homes, just to name a few. 

We value honest, personable, and the most advanced customer relations and take pride knowing that we are protecting innocent individuals in potential life-threatening situations. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Stay up-to-date with everything we have going on by following our social medias, and remember, we are here to help in any way! Be safe.

Fun Fact: We have helped provide life-saving ballistic solutions to over 150+ Police and Fire Departments.