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Protector Capital Lightweight Body Armor Kit

Where to buy body armor? Check out our Armor Shop.

Protector Capital is the Armor Shop Headquarters.

Body Armor is getting more popular as the world gets more chaotic. There are so many body armor companies like AR500, Angel Armor, and ShotStop Ballistics just to name a few. Most big named body armor companies get you in the door with key words and fancy marketing tactics, but little test and evaluation. Today, we are the armor shop you want to get your armor at! Protector Capital carries the new competition on the body armor field of play; ShotStop Ballistics Technologies. 

ShotStop Ballistics Body Armor was started by Val. His story is amazing and how he came up with ShotStop Body Armor. Watch the video here:

Buy ShotStop Body Armor Today!

If you are interested in ShotStop Body Armor, take a look at the armor shop at Protector Capital. Our Trained Tactical Experts will answer any body armor, plate carrier, tactical gear questions you may have. 

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