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Blue Blood Brotherhood. Who are they and what do they do?


Blue Blood Brotherhood’s purpose is to help the civilian population get a better understanding of what Law Enforcement Officers do every day to help protect and serve you and your community. To work hand in hand with you and your community in making us stronger and weeding out the bad. We also coordinate and provide support and relief to all current and retired Law Enforcement Officers.

Working toward the unification between Law Enforcement Officers active and retired with a specific design to achieve mutually beneficial goals within Law Enforcement and your Community. To bring healing to our Law Enforcement Community and their families through counseling, peer mentoring, individually and in group settings. To raise awareness through community events, media outlets, social media, service organizations, and churches.

You can see more videos here.

This is their vision:

To create a better understanding between themselves, you and the community they serve.

To create a camaraderie between all active and retired Law Enforcement Officers Nationwide.

To establish support for Law Enforcement and their families suffering from PTSD or other related issues associated with the job.

To create an organization of retired Law Enforcement Officers for added defense for our Nation.

To unite Law Enforcement, you, and the community they serve for a stronger voice to be heard.

Protector Capital, Body Armor/Tactical Gear distributor, and Blue Blood Brotherhood have a very great relationship because they are true and honest individuals that want to make this world a better place. We are a proud supporter of this organization and will continue to be. Take a look around on their website and if you need assistance in anyway, do not hesitate to reach out to someone close to you or us. We can always make the introduction for you. 

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